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Change rooted in hope. And driven by a plan.

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Sarah has a plan.

From Uptown to Downtown, Robbinsdale to Richfield, there's a growing sense of uncertainty about the future of the cities we love. Whether we're struggling to keep a roof over our heads or our kids in the classroom, we can all agree that something must change. Are we hopeful? We're always hopeful.

But hope needs a plan.

Safe Streets

The truth is, we need our police. But we deserve a police force that is humane, helpful, and accountable. Police need to be trained in de-escalation strategies, but they also must be measured and rewarded for implementing those strategies. If every law enforcement officer has a camera on his or her chest, let’s start rewarding them for solving problems, not just making arrests.

Smart Schools

Education is vital for equality, but it's treated as a luxury good. Minnesota is home to some of the most well-respected learning institutions in the world—with some four-year colleges charging more than the median household income. As congresswoman, I will push for policies that reduce tuition costs for four-year degrees and promote the value of two-year colleges and trade schools . . .

Fair Rules

The United States' most remarkable invention is the middle class, but many experience longer work hours with stagnant pay, especially in professions like nursing and teaching. As a congresswoman, I'll advocate for middle-class relief through effective policies, like universal healthcare and pre-K, without raising taxes. We can achieve this by collecting owed taxes and redirecting funds from . . .

Strong Homes

Affordable housing is scarce, and construction isn't keeping pace. As your congresswoman, I'll advocate for federal initiatives to reduce rent and mortgage burdens, like expanding the Housing Choice (Section 8) Voucher program. This program aids millions of struggling citizens, including single mothers. I will champion policies that will lift people out of poverty, into the middle class . . .

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Attorney Sarah Gad is officially ramping up a primary campaign against Ilhan Omar


Arab American candidates set to challenge member of Congress Ilhan Omar in Minnesota.

KARE 11 -

Twin Cities attorney Sarah Gad to challenge Rep. Ilhan Omar for 5th District seat.

ABC News - Tamron Hall Show

She Overcame Drug Addiction & Now She’s a Successful Attorney

Attorney Sarah Gad joins our episode titled “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” with her impactful story. She reflects on her journey from opioid addiction to becoming a lawyer, and it’s an emotional sit-down that you will never forget.

FOX 9 News

From jail to practicing law, Minnesota attorney Sarah Gad scores big win


Sarah Gad was a nonviolent drug offender who was criminalized and disenfranchised. Now she is an undefeated lawyer.

Marie Claire

"I want to do everything in my power to help save people from the disease of addiction, to keep them from feeling the pain, desperation, and hopelessness that I experienced, and spare hundreds of thousands of people the lifelong devastation of losing someone that they love to this tragic, yet treatable disease." - Sarah

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