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The truth is, we need our police. But we deserve a police force that is humane, helpful, and accountable. Police need to be trained in de-escalation strategies, but they also must be measured and rewarded for implementing those strategies. If every law enforcement officer has a camera on his or her chest, let’s start rewarding them for solving problems, not just making arrests.

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Did you know?

In Minneapolis, only 8% of MPD officers live in the city where they work compared to the national average of 40%.

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And we must be smart about how we police. We can’t send police to do a social worker's job, and a mental health crisis is not a crime.  As congresswoman, I will fight for real solutions to these pressing issues. I will fight to restore our neighborhoods with common sense policies, crafted locally, supported in Congress, and enacted in our cities and towns. Across the country, on average, 40% of police officers live in the cities they police. In Minneapolis, only 8% of MPD officers live in the city where they work. We can start by implementing programs that encourage peace officers to live where they work. The bottom line is—trust and understanding are not formed at a distance, and it’s hard to have a stake in a city where you don’t sleep at night.

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