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We don’t have enough affordable housing, and the housing that is being built is not being built fast enough.

Housing Choice (section 8) serves roughly 5 million people in 2.3 million low-income families, all of them citizens struggling to find safe and affordable homes. 62% of recipients are women, and 41% are under the age of 18, which suggests that we have mothers struggling mightily to keep a roof over their children’s heads. 

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Did you know?

Homelessness in Minnesota rose by nearly 10% between 2022 and 2023.

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We have a tax system that helps well-off families purchase their second, third, and fourth homes but not their first. We can change that by creating tax programs that allow first-time homeowners utilizing FHA loans to place tax-free income, up to the amount of their down payment, in savings accounts earmarked for their first home.

Let’s help nurses buy their first homes. Let’s help schoolteachers buy their first homes. This is how we create community.

As your congresswoman, I will fight for federal programs that lower the rent and mortgage burdens of Minnesotans. I will seek to expand the Housing Choice (section 8) Voucher program, created under the Housing and Community Act of 1974. But we shouldn’t stop there because while the federal government must help lift folks out of poverty, it must also lift them into the middle class. 

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