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Meet Sarah Gad.

Sarah is a fierce advocate who knows how to battle.

Sarah Gad is a Muslim woman and the daughter of Egyptian immigrants. Life has taught her how to battle, and now she's ready to fight for the fifth district.

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Every son and daughter of Minnesota knows we face challenges. From Uptown to Downtown, Robbinsdale to Richfield, there's a growing sense of uncertainty about the future of the cities we love. Whether we're struggling to keep a roof over our heads or our kids in the classroom, we can all agree that something must change. 

As a defense and civil rights attorney in Hennepin and Anoka Counties, I'm on the frontlines fighting for change every day. I am also a living example of change that I wake up and fight for each day. Ten years ago, I was in a car accident, which led me down a perilous path to opioid addiction, jail, and disenfranchisement. I couldn't hold down a job. I couldn't hold my head up high. Today I am an undefeated defense attorney, fighting for the rights and freedoms of others from within the very system that once jailed me. And I'm just getting started.

You might not need someone to advocate for your freedom, but you, too, need an advocate all the same. As an attorney, advocacy is intrinsic to my core. My commitment is to be that advocate, not just for you and your loved ones but for our entire district. I'm determined to take it a step further. My goal is to infuse Congress with effective, zealous advocacy, reshaping what it means to be a representative in Congress. Together, we can set the example for responsible governance and ignite positive change nationwide, shifting the narrative from self-serving politics to people-serving leadership.

Sarah's campaign is 100% powered by the people.

Every donation, no matter the size, makes a powerful difference.

Fun Fact: what do Sarah Gad and Barack Obama have in common that no one else does? They were both University of Chicago Law School affiliates who ran against Bobby Rush in their first Democratic primary elections and got crushed.


Minneapolis, Minnesota


University of Minnesota (2009)

University of Chicago Law School (2020)


Defense & Civil Rights Attorney





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Egyptian American Sarah Gad, who overcame drug addition after a serious car accident to graduate with a law degree, plans to challenge Omar in the Democratic primary next year . . . Her story, combined with her political ambitions, has attracted national attention and praise.


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